Information & Guidelines

Thank you for being our guest. Please observe the following guidelines which were developed for your safety, and consideration or your fellow campers, and to ensure an enjoyable stay.

OFFICE HOURS: 8 AM – 6 PM. For after-hours assistance, you may contact the staff member whose site number is posted on the office door.

  • All credit card payments will incur a Credit Card Transaction fee of -3% 
  • Premium Wifi is available for purchase
  • *Late Fee Policy – $15 on the 5th day immediately following the initial due date. If a balance remains unpaid, an additional fee of $40 will be assessed on the 10th day immediately following the initial due date. 


MAIL & MESSAGES: We will accept mail for you at our street address. The office telephone numbers are for emergency messages only.

LAUNDRIES: Located in the bathhouses. Change is available in the office.

Please follow posted rules. No parking unless using laundry facilities.

BATHHOUSES: Cleaned daily. In order to do the best job possible, we have to close them completely.

Times are posted on the door.

We appreciate your cooperation during these times and regret any inconvenience.

SPEED LIMIT: 5 MPH – strictly enforced! Resort is equipped with speed breakers.

CHECK-IN TIME: RVs – 1pm; Park Models and Cabins – 3 PM.

CHECK-OUT TIME: RVs – 11 am; Park Models and Cabins – 11 AM. Please check with the office as soon as possible if you wish to extend your stay.

FIRE PITS THAT ARE ALLOWED:  Fires of any type are not allowed per city law.  This includes open or closed, on the ground or portable fire pits.  Propane grills on concrete pads are allowed.   

GARBAGE: Please place all garbage in a Dumpster. Wrap fish remains in newspaper and garbage bags

VEHICLES: 1 RV and 2 vehicles allowed per site. No trailers, boats, etc. are allowed to remain on site. Extra vehicles must go to Clubhouse to park and not to Bathhouses.


STORAGE HOURS: 8 AM – 5 PM. For after-hours assistance contact the office before 5 PM.

CHILDREN: You are responsible for all actions and behavior of the children or minors with you. Unruly behavior may necessitate your having to leave the Resort without a refund.

MINORS: (under the age of 21) must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Must be 21 to rent an RV site or cabin.

APPLIANCES: Refrigerators, freezers, etc. may not be located outside of the RV.

TENTS: Tents are not allowed.

GUESTS: The basic rate includes up to 4 people. Additional people will be charged per day, per person.

VISITORS: Must be registered with the office by the resident being visited.

GOLF CARTS PERMITTED: Must be at least 16 years of age with a current driver’s license to operate. Must be registered with the office. Golf tires only (No tires over 18″ in diameter are allowed.) There is a charge ($ for electric carts. Must have front and back lights.

VEHICLE WASHING PERMITTED: There is a charge per vehicle. You will need to come to the office and pay prior to washing.

NOTICE: No one is allowed to run a business in the Resort.

ALCOHOL: If taken off your site, must be concealed in a foam insulator or plastic cup.

LAKE: Fishing permitted, but no swimming by pets or people.

ATVs AND GAS OR BATTERY-POWERED SCOOTERS: Must not be operated within the Resort.


  • Aggressive dogs of any breed are not permitted. If your dog displays protective or unfriendly behavior towards strangers, we kindly request that you do not bring them to our park. If such behavior is observed, we may (at our sole discretion) ask the owner and the dog to leave. 
  • Pet restrictions may vary among our locations. Some parks have limited or no availability for units or cabins that allow pets. We encourage dog owners to call in advance to check availability and discuss their situation.  
  • Registered service dogs are welcome at all RVPM/Honest RV parks and are subject to the same rules and restrictions listed here.
  • We welcome a maximum of two dogs per site.  
  • All dogs must have documentation of current vaccinations. We may ask you to provide copies of vaccination records to our office before you check in.  
  • All dogs must be under their owners’ control and visual supervision at all times. Please do not leave dogs unattended or tied up outside.
  • Except in designated off-leash dog park amenity areas, all dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet anytime they are outside  
  • Non-service dogs are not allowed in common-area buildings or pool areas. Registered service dogs must be wearing visible tags to enter these areas. 
  • Disruptive, excessive, or uncontrolled barking is not allowed. If barking persists and becomes a nuisance to fellow guests, we may (at our sole discretion) ask the owner and the dog to leave.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and properly disposing of pet waste in designated bins.  
  • Pet owners are responsible for any injuries, damage, or disturbances caused by their pets to other guests, park staff, or visitors.  
  • RV Park is not responsible for the safety of your dog(s), or for any loss, damage, or injury caused to or by our four-legged guests. 

RESPONSIBILITY: Campers are responsible at all times for the conduct of their children, their pets, and their guests. Management reserves the right to refuse admission and to restrict its clientele to those who conform to camping enjoyment guidelines. Management cannot assume responsibility for injuries or accidents to cars or guests and requests that campers take normal precautions against loss of money and belongings.

SWIMMING POOLS: Summer Months: April IsT – August 31sT. Summer Pool Hours: 10 AM – 11 P 7 days a week. People at the pool will be notified at 10:00 PM that the pool will be closing at 11:00 PM and they need to be ready to leave by then. Winter Months: October 1sT – March 31sT. Winter Pool Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM 7 days a week (outdoor pool stays closed unless warm weather permits use). People at the pool will be notified at 9:00 pM that the pool will be closing at 10:00 PM and they need to be ready to leave by then.

Spring and Fall Breaks: Outdoor pool will be open and heated. BOTH pools will stay open until 11:00 PM. THE POOL IS CLOSED IF THERE IS THUNDER OR LIGHTNING. It can re-open 30 to 60 minutes after the thunder stops.

Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

No lifeguard on duty. No smoking in the pool area. No eating or drinking while IN the pool. No glass containers in the pool area.

HOT TUB: Minors must be accompanied by adults. No one under 12 is allowed.

GLASS: To protect the many small bare feet, no glass is permitted off your site.

CLOTHESLINES: Not permitted.

FISHING: Please catch and release. No fishing from the pool deck.

BIKES & ROLLER BLADES: Permitted on the road only! Daylight hours only.

CAMPER COURTESY: Please do not walk or ride bikes through other sites.

VEHICLES: 1 RV and 2 vehicles allowed per site. No trailers, boats, etc. are allowed to remain on site. Extra vehicles must go to Clubhouse to park and not to Bathhouses.

RV and RV Site Appearance

Our landscaping and groundskeeping personnel strive to make your stay as enjoyable, pleasant and worry-free as possible. Please assist them by following these simple and helpful guidelines. Keep picnic tables off the grass so our mowers can pass by without disruption. If you choose to not use a picnic table, we will gladly move it off-site for you (long term). Keep decorative lights and ornaments at the edge of the concrete pad. If we have to move them for mowers, they will be picked up placed securely on your site pad. Pet fences, if used are to be within the area of the concrete site pad only, and again, if mowers are obstructed, we will move the fence panels to the site pad. Please refrain from excessive storing of personal items around your RV Site. We want each of our guests to enjoy a clean, and debris-free park while enjoying the many amenities offered by Gulf Breeze RV Resort.